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Oct 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
romney has also talked about labelling china as a currency manipulator. would that be productive? i will take that for a no. >> i have stated my view. i remember the reagan campaign's making statements which i did not think were adequate to the overall relationship, and clinton did the same thing. i have confidence that when in office, and president looking at the realities will come to the conclusion that i have outlined with my colleagues in which there is little dissent among the community of people who deal with china. there are those who have other views and want to turn it into a crusade. but they have not actually studied china or dealt with china. >> we're going to do one last question before we turn it over to the audience. give me a time frame for how long before we see open, and national elections. david lampton. >> i do not expect to live to see that day. >> i disagree. i think the future generation in china will have to understand the proceedings generation -- what they went through. i believe china will be in a rapid pace for political transformation in the next 10 yea
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
or the environment. that is a distinction. mitt romney does not believe in global warming. it is not relevant to talk about renewable energy. >> i want to talk about a word -- which country do you see as the greatest threat to the united states? is there a legitimate debate about china? >> i think the rise of china in asia pacific is one of the most important developments that will happen over the coming decade. it is one of the reasons why been the president wanted to put emphasis on asia pacific. china is rising. india is rising. american jobs act will drive so much of our economic prosperity in the future. -- the asia pacific will drive so much of our economic prosperity in the future. adobe important for us to find areas of cooperation with china, as this -- it will be important for us to find areas of cooperation with china, as this administration has done. their important is to recognize that there will be areas of difference. there'll be areas of competition. we will have very tough and canned and crustaceans with chinese officials about that -- and cadid conversations --
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
themselves. instead, they called the pro- romney, the pro-obama, the pro- gingrich super pac. they talked about and that way. in doing that they increase the accountability of the benefit to canada for the content. they did this in questions in the debate. it was important. it happened in print as well. as of the journalistic community somehow thought -- agreed, and now there is no group that just agrees to these things, that the public would be deceived if he picked up names such as priorities usa, restore our future, as if they had some meaning, and given legitimacy in the process. that translation, which we continue to see when there is talk about third parties, i think it performs an important journalistic function as we try to at least figure out who benefits from this. >> kendall. -- ken doyle. is there any legal obligation or ethical obligation of the people who are running the ads -- running the tv stations running the ads they are receiving, receiving the money, should they be trying to find out at all who is actually paying to air these ads, or in forming their viewers anything
Sep 26, 2012 10:00am EDT
6:00 to 10:00, but only 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening. i want to talk about iran. mitt romney does not have any reason to run for president. his life is made, he is collecting $20 million a year for absolutely nothing. he has no reason to run for president. he is not running for the poor, he said he does not care for them. he is running for rich people. sheldon adelson, an israeli guy, will tell him to go to iran, and mitt romney will go to iran, and he does not have any backbone to he goes which ever way the wind blows. he will go whichever way his donors tell him to go, and he will go to war with iran, and that is scary when you have a man in office was an empty suit and will do whatever is donors tell him to do. guest: well, thank you for your question. i have developed a healthy respect for the media. in the clinton administration, i was a spokesperson for secretary of state warren christopher and then madeleine albright for about nine months. the media plays an absolutely indispensable role in our society. they ask the tough questions that need to be asked, and my experience i
Oct 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
that romney could get elected. let's talk about that for a second. theoretically. [laughter] >> it's a good thing i'm here. [laughter] >> i think everybody agrees with that. in terms of this issue of american influence, do you think that a president romney would handle things, do things, and have an impact on american influence that would be really president down president obama? >> my basic thesis is that there's a tremendous agree -- degree of continuity of all presidents. we have already seen, and jessica and i have running discussion about this, which began probably around january 2009, but many people have been struck. "the new york times" rights abroad this, the continuity about obama and bush, for that matter. they only changed things 10 degrees one way or the other. there will be some issues. obviously, there's no question that romney takes a different view on how to deal with russia. on iran, it's harder call, for instance. maybe you're going to get to this eventually, -- >> we are only 25 minutes in. i consider it to be an on unreasonable possibility regardless of who is in t
Oct 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
dollars of net income and a surplus for the rest of the nation. i am appalled that governor romney or president obama is talking about agriculture in this campaign. it is the foundation of the u.s. economy it has been a great success. it has lowered the price of fuel, improved the quality of economy. it has created tens of thousands of jobs. it is a great example of bipartisan efforts. there is a new company with 100 yards. -- with 100 jobs. this is in a failure the interest or an alliance. there is no need to choose. >> senator fisher? >> thank you very much. you know, i grew up in lincoln. my husband and i have been married 40 years, and i have lived in cherry county for those three sons and denali. -- and daughter in law. agriculture is important in this state. what is important is that we always work together as a state. there are urban interests and rural interests and they coincide. because of agriculture's importance to the state of nebraska -- for instance, one in three jobs are dependent on the ag economy. we need to keep it in mind. it is a balancing act. i have done it i
Sep 27, 2012 1:00pm EDT
we hear romney assert at the debate, but it is clearly won the campaign is continuing to make. talk to campaign people, they will tell you, hey, you do not know about the ads you did not see that are running in tiny markets in ohio and florida and what ever. i think there are plenty of those. >> what i am wondering about -- we heard one example of the president being more careful about the facts when he was speaking in person than his campaign is when putting things out. i think probably we will not hear barack obama claim that mitt romney favors a ban on abortion even in cases of rape or incest, a totally false claim and a misrepresentation of romney's overall stance. he has been consistent ever since he switched to -- to be in generally against abortion. he has not always had this position, but since he has adopted his present position, it has been clear. he has favored the usual exceptions. the obama campaign has in two tv ads repeated this utterly false claim. i do not think we would hear that out of the mouth of the president. do you share my view that the candidates are more c
Oct 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
congress should be addressing immediately instead of talking about making sure that paul ryan tax cut romney's 25% for millionaires goes through. you have not since for the last three or four years and you will not. you'll kick it down the line. >> i cannot be more grateful for your service. all of us who live not serve are grateful for your service and many others who have served this country. it doesn't mean we're not patriotic. i want to correct something. you are not listening. we continue to try and address the needs of our veterans. what happens in washington -- it often becomes a cut. that's the problem with the spiralling of spending. i can assure you the veterans and the defense department is a priority and will live up to it. >> epa regulations will increase the cost of building coal-fired power plants. the agency maintains these are critical, critics suggest it will be economically impossible to build a new coal-fired plant again. do you support the new rules coal? do you believe that coal is destined to play a diminished role? >> i do not know the regulations you're talkin
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of a bust for -- bus tour with paul ryan. mitt romney was in new york city earlier today part of the clinton global initiative speaking there this morning and talking about u.s. foreign aid. while we wait for him to speak, here is some of what he had to say. >> for it to become more effective, it has to embrace the principles you see in these global initiatives, the power of partnerships, access to the transformative nature of free enterprise, and the leverage of the abundant resources that can come from the private sector. i believe there are three objects of our foreign aid in the country. the first is to address humanitarian needs. it has given medical treatment 2 million suffering from hiv and aids. second is to foster a strategic interest, military or diplomatic or economic. third, another purpose, one that has to receive much more attention in the ron the administration. that is something that elevates people and brings about lasting change in communities and nations. for example, a lot of americans, including myself, are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has w
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
are going to have entitlement reform. all of the things is that about mitt romney will destroy america, suddenly we will do something that will not look that wildly different from the reforms the republicans talk about. mike leavitt is actually working pretty seriously on what they would have to do. the disconnect, i do not know if it is good or bad. probably not good, i did not know how bad it is. the disconnect is something close to an all-time high i would say. have a conversation with stuart stevens and then a conversation with mike leavitt. it is just two different worlds. i honestly believe it would not be that the similar period a very different conversation that the one you would have with jack lew it or whoever is thinking through what obama would do in november/december of this year and for six months of next year. i do not think it is impossible. i think maybe it is just the way we will conduct ourselves, which is pick extremely quickly after election day. i do not buy the argument the partisanship is so bad. that will be an unusual situation, what we have not had in a long
Sep 28, 2012 9:00am EDT
in tulsa, okla. that whenve noticed the commentators for the various media outlets talk about romney or obama that they generally fill in a lot of things that are off color about romney but nothing whatsoever about mr. obama. everyone has dropped his middle name, you know? hussein. it just seems like he gets a lot of support, whether it's intended or not. host: a lot of facebook comments already on this topic. we will begin with melvin. the lame stream media are a bunch of obama lackeys. those are some of our facebook comments this morning. if you would like to continue the conversation on this topic, here's "the wall street journal" this morning. swing states a tough sell for romney. according to "the wall street journal"/nbc poll, obama leads in nevada 49% to 47% and in new hampshire and north carolina. two of the three states both think romney a strong run the economy. that is one set of polls. now we have this other set we want to show you quickly. this is from rasmussen. they do a daily tracking poll. for a long time now, they have been showing this ra
Sep 25, 2012 10:00am EDT
to ask you about 47% we heard about this week. governor romney in summer marks at a fundraiser taped earlier this year talked about how there is some 47% of the people that do not pay federal income tax. he said that he believes they are -- that they feel they are victims, that the government needs to take care of them, and that they are entitled to housing, you name it. part of that 47 percent said. what would you do about that? do you think that should change? and what do you think, generally, about too many virginians, too many americans being too dependent on government? >> you can say something off of the gulf that you regret. i disagree with what mitt romney's said. it is condescending and divisive. the last thing we need to do at this moment is divide people, one against each other. this nation is divided and of an alleged apart enough. people need to be brought together. as we talk about these long- term issues, the country's fiscal policy, we have to have shared sacrifice. everyone has to help if we are going to fix these issues. we have got an issue on the table that
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12